Sunday, September 23, 2018

Excitement at the House Peace Sept 2018

Excitement at the House of Peace Sept 2018

Greetings from Phnom Penh (the city of the perpetual traffic jam),

There was some excitement at HOP this Saturday morning at 7 a.m. My assistant, Miss Seephon, slipped on some spilled noodles and smashed her patella to bits. Brian did a bit of first aid and we called an ambulance to get her.  No way she could get into a car, tuk-tuk, or a motorcycle with that knee. It was almost 10 hours before she was operated on and she was spooked after seeing two people die in the operating room. Brian got home at 3 pm, and I spent the night at the hospital. Brian had to mind HOP, which he does not usually do, and it was in a state of sheer pandemonium and chaos when he returned. He called me and soon put his foot down restored order. After sleeping on a mat on an open breezeway with many others who were relatives of patients, I came home to HOP at 7 am. Ms. Seephon will be back in a few days and recuperate on the first floor of HOP because she won’t have to climb stairs. We are thankful for the members of the Olympic church (Yos Molly, Srey Neang, Vanthy and Rebecca) who visited today, and brought an offering to offset the expenses of the accident.

My Citizenship

Again, thank God that I finally got my citizenship and my passport. What a great time we had staying with Judy Runions, and seeing Rainier and the Olympic Peninsula in WA State. I also made some pocket money doing tree work my slave driver of a husband.

HOP Students News:

Our Mr. Vichet graduated from the Katy Korpi Salon and was hired there, and Ms. Srey Leak began to train with the Salon this August.

Pastor Robert Oh helped provide scholarships our son John, Ms. Hokkie and alumnus Ms. Srey Oun to study at ACTS (Academy of Career and Technology).  In addition to Ms. Sokhoin who hs been with us for 6 months now, two new students are joining us: Mr. Smet (13), and Ms. Srey Ka (15) and these three will also study at ACTS. Ms. Yorean (11) will be attending Westline School, Ms. Malis (15) and Ms. Yari (16) will be in public school.  My former assistant Ms. Chhorven, who went to Denmark last year, just left to attend YWAM’s DTS for this year in Battambang City.  Although we will miss her, we have many former COP young adults who join us for worship on Sundays, outings and celebrations.
HOP still has room for more students this year and we expect some more to come. We have the room because just before moving we were given a stay of execution – we can stay another year.  We will save the money generous donors sent for moving expenses for next September. Thank you for that.

HOP Alumni

Former HOP young adults, Ms. Srey Oun and Mr. Kakada are studying in the ONYX Program with DOVE this year. Kakada far right in blue, Srey Oun sitting far right.

HOP Activities for September

Left:  Former COP Young Adults join us for Ms. Chhorven’s Farewell Celebration.

…….and goodbye to Mr.Kosal, Ms. Chanta and Ms. Siovmai who will soon be integrated with extended families or their migrant working parents.  

 Lower Left:  Ms. Yari, Ms. Sokhoin, and Johnnathan are joining with DOVE and PEACE BRIDGES to camp and plant trees in the Pray Lang Jungle in Northern Cambodia

Loving Our Partnerships

Our activities with our students, alumni, our partnership with DOVE (leadership Development), Peace Bridges Organization, Kati Korpi Salon, Bob and Jenny Oh, and ACT keeps our former and present people in a long term community that learns leadership, life skills, hard skills, and helps to form healthy perspectives on faith, justice and the environment.  We are grateful to our many partners.

Lower Left:  HOP Saturday Outing to ‘flooded’ Sa’ang, home of Miss Seephon to swim in muddy waters

HOP Assistant Director Lead an Outing in Sa'ang

Struggling to get the Pepper Farm Going

Brian here: Bophal has been trying extremely hard to make the Pepper Farm work but it is difficult with no financial help. Once in a while we get a needed and appreciated donation but they are few and far between. Potential donors typically ask, “What are you doing to be self-sustainable?”  We have a plan and land, but those doing the asking rarely help with the capital.  So what can we do?

Thanks for reading this far. HOP is a good place to be these days. We hope you can see that.

Please help with a donation for the sake of the discipleship of Cambodian teens at risk:

Thank you all, Bophal and Brian