Friday, February 25, 2011

Life in the Living Fields

Cambodian Update-

Today I am helping Seila in DP 2 (Diamond Project 2). The lesson is about Isolation and why it happens to us, and how we can wait, persevere and work through it. Seila asked me to give my testimony concerning my isolation just before, during and after my divorce and what God taught me. I shared with 20 DP students what I have shared with no one else, mainly because nobody really ever asked. The DP students asked a lot of very good questions. It is very encouraging to see DP classes going strong in KCham, PP, and K.Thom. They are having some problems with K.Chhnang but these problems can be ameliorated. The drop in center is packed from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm at night. Even monks come to learn computer and English. The drop in center is right next to the CMA’s monolithic flagship church and remains empty most of the time, except on Sundays for church services.

Yesterday I went to look at some land in Kompong Speau province that would make a perfect camp ground that could be used year round. It is owned by a Korean man who wants to make use of this land. He does not want to sell the land, but let us use it as long as we want it. Other than being ripped to shreds by thorns, wilting under the sweltering heat, and stung by nasty red ants, it was an interesting tour through bush. It reminded much of my tour of duty in the Nam back in ’68.
The Westminster Chapel gang has gone back to the land of free and corporate greed and left me holding the bag in Cambodia. I don’t mind that. I’ve already gone to the dentist to repair two fillings for the cost of $100. Next I will find my Russian doctor to diagnose my stomach problems which I have had since before Thanksgiving.
Tomorrow I will go out to an Island on the Mekong to attend a church service in the church of my friend Mr. Ey Vonn. He really has only one eye so it seems God played a trick on him by giving him the birth name of Ey Vonn. If pronounced the American way, it is Vonn Ey (one eye).

The church is doing better in the Kingdom. His Excellency Heng Cheng, General Secretary of the EFC is helping to bring unity to the various generations in the Khmer Church. Raju Sbagwat is helping bring reconciliation those Christian leaders who have held grudges against each other in the past and is having a lot of success. The EFC KEY is still doing great work training up emerging leaders. Seila is becoming a highly desired teacher and speaker on worldview and how to engage this post-modern generation. He is also a writer on indigenous theology, a poet, musician and owner of former dog, sniper. The latter is his best credential.
I have been asked to speak at Hagar this Monday to the expat and Khmer staff. This will be a first. I am still wondering what to say but I suppose I will come up with something. I am here waiting for a group from First Presbyterian and Calvin to come in with their big guns (105 mm Howitzers). I’m just a little gun with a small pop (an air rifle with a cork in the barrel.

Since I owe the IRS $7300, I might skip the country and stay in Cambodia. I will keep you posted while I am in hiding in Cambodia. As money gets short, I may have to live on duck embryos and crickets.

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